Purchasing: Ordering prints for Harvey Wildlife Photography



1. Pick the print(s) that you are interested in. 

2. Click on the Purchase/Info in the menu to the left. 

3. By filling out the pay pal information including the print and gallery info, an email will be sent to me with the information. 

4. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me. 780-945-6882. 

5. Basic pricing details are priced based on a calculation based on United Inches: Calculate by adding the length of the print plus width of the print X price plus GST. 

For Plaque- Mount prints- UI X 4 

For Photo Paper Prints- UI x 2- All photo paper prints are dry mounted on acid-free mounting board. 

3/4" canvas prints: UI x 4 

1.5" canvas prints UI x 5 

a.) Framing- Framing costs are dependent upon the frames or combination of frames used. Please enquire regarding framing prices. 

Greeting Cards: 

1. Pick the greeting card package that you want. 

2. Pick out the variety of cards that you are interested in from my greeting card page. 

3. Email me the list of cards that you would like in your package.